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 In 1540, Hernando de Soto explored North America for Cabeza DeVaca's Legendary Northern Sea to establish trade with China. With 600 soldiers, their horses, servants, wives and supplies, his army infected 100's of native villages, todays cities, following Indian trails which became modern highways.  ALL TRAILS

 Stranded in North America the decade before DeSoto's Conquest, Cabeza de Vaca survived six years of hostile captivity before escaping to Mexico. He shared native legends of inland gold and a Great North Sea which persuaded Coronado and DeSoto to conquer America; Coronado from Mexico City, DeSoto from Havana.
 A Great Circle of Earth drawn between Havana, the New World super port, and China, the Old World super market, crosses North America. DeSoto wanted to cross America and its Northern Sea toward China. His scouts found that sea at Chicago, but in it no tides: Lake Michigan is landlocked. DeSoto would die of anguish within one year.

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